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Gas and Boiler Leaks

The realization of an existing gas or boiler leak is an alarm to anxiety. This is often and most certainly followed by bills. Eco Efficient Portsmouth is here to make sure you don’t end up in bigger problems and obliges. Save money, time and lives by trusting and allowing Eco Efficient Portsmouth to handle your safety.  

In times of a gas or boiler leaks;

  • Establish whether it is a gas or boiler leak.
  • In the case of a gas leak, open all windows and ventilation outlets.
  • In the case of a boiler leak, turn off power to the boiler.
  • Do not attempt to repair either of the two.

In any instant that you have gas and boiler leaks, please contact our customer care immediately. Our emergency response team is well equipped with detection tools and other safety devices to ensure that the problem is well detected and fixed. We being in business is a reason for you to be free from anxiety of heating related hazards.

There are a range of reasons why gas and boilers can leak. This can be grouped into collective classifications.

  • Mechanical – This leads to wearing out of the mechanical components of the heater through corrosion and thermos induced weakness that results from the expansion and contraction of metallic parts.
  • Valve Weakness – If the limit of any valve is exceeded, it results to leakage of boiler and gas.

These are just a few mentions of the causes of gas and boiler leaks. Knowing the main cause of gas and boiler leaks is a very intensive process but with our technological advancements, this process usually takes only a few minutes. Our clients are guaranteed of fulltime servicing and repair in case of any gas and boiler leaks.

Reasons to Try Eco Efficient Portsmouth Services

From our track record, we can confidently say that our services and rates are one of a kind. Anyone experiencing gas and boiler leaks in Portsmouth has no reason to be anxious as our services are spread out in all areas of Portsmouth including Gosport, Cosham, Isle of Wight, Havant and Chichester. Besides our convenience in rates and availability, the following are other reasons as to why we should be prioritized in matters relating gas and boiler leaks.

  • Incomparable Work Ethics – Our engineers follow a specific work routine that is structured in a manner that there is a thin margin for error. This includes proper routine checks to establish a determination of a problem before coming up with a solution.
  • Quick Detection Of Gas And Boiler Leaks – Our engineers are adept in detecting gas and boiler leaks. Quick detection translates to faster repairs and less expenditure. We solve the problem as soon as detected to minimize unnecessary costs arising from delays.
  • Top Of The Order Customer Servicing – Our client’s needs is our priority. We ensure that a customer is served in a satisfactory manner.

Customers deserve a value for their money. That’s a guarantee especially in gas and boiler leaks related cases.

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