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Boiler Services

Your fully working boiler is the heart of your home, keeping it warm all through especially at times when the weather is unbearable. Your boiler will make it a pleasure to live in your home even during the cold winter months, but this may come at a cost. During this cold season most people in and around Portsmouth complain of high energy bills as a result of heavy loading of heating in an extremely cold house. Our boiler servicing engineers operate locally in Chichester, Havant, and Isle of Wight, Cosham and Gosport and the entire Portsmouth area. We are staffed with well trained and experienced engineers, all Gas Save listed and insured to offer boiler services among other heating related solutions.

24-7 Services

We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across the year to all our clients in Portsmouth, so you can rely on our experts whenever you are in need. You can schedule boiler servicing at any time convenient to you and our engineers will make efforts to visit you even in the night. Our emergency team is always ready to serve you, whenever you need emergency boiler checks whenever you notice anything wrong with your boiler. Has your boiler stopped working all of a sudden? Do you feel unsafe due to suspected gas leas? Do not hesitate to call us and our professionals will join you shortly and perform complete boiler inspection and rectify any identified faults.

Swift Response

Our engineers are locally based and they use fast and modern GPS enabled vehicles to easily and quickly locate you. With Eco Efficient Portsmouth you are guaranteed of same day services. Depending on your proximity in the region, it will take 30 to 60 minutes to get to you. Make that call and let us know where you need us and we will send our engineers to the site immediately or as soon as you want them. We are right there whenever you need us.

Comprehensive Boiler Servicing

Our boiler specialists are experienced with all boiler types and brands in the market and they perform a thorough check on every part of the boiler to uncover even the unseen defects and to ensure that everything is working perfectly. Our inspection tasks involve defect detection; safety leaks checks, corrosion checks and energy efficiency audit repairs, which include parts replacements and general boiler cleansing. After servicing you can approach the winter with high confidence as your boiler will be working effectively, safe and free from breakdowns. Regular servicing also ensures efficient use of energy which means lower energy bills.

When to Service Your Boiler

It is a good practice to have your boiler serviced at least once per year to ensure its safety and functionality. You can also request for boiler servicing to troubleshoot suspected problems and verify their cause and know the way forward. Most boiler brands offers over 5 years warranty on every boiler but the warranty may not hold if you do not have your boiler checked (serviced) as recommended.

Be ready for the cold season by having your boiler inspected and repaired just before the winter kicks in.

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