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Boiler Repairs

We are boiler repairs experts operating in Gosport, Chichester, Isle of Wight, Havant and Cosham area of the wider Portsmouth region. We deal with any kind of boiler breakdown; no hot water, leaking boilers, corrosion or broken part, just give us a call and we will help you out instantly. Our boiler repairs services cover both the business and domestic property and no matter what the issue is, our engineers have an immediate answer.

24 Hours Boiler Repairs

Eco Efficient Portsmouth has ensured that there is always a team of professional boiler repair specialists available at any given time of the day to attend to any boiler related issues as soon as they are noticed. Our engineers are qualified, insured and have experience in any kind of boiler repairs including leaks detection and repairs, piping network errors, corrosion and stains, fitting of smart energy efficiency components and flue repairs among others. It doesn’t matter whether you have an electric or gas fuelled boiler, we have the right technicians for either and in just a matter of minutes.

We provide weekend and emergency night services in all homes in and around Portsmouth at no extra charges. Let us know where you are and we will direct the nearest engineers your way within an hour or less. Do not stress yourself or give in to panic, even at the darkest hour of the night, our boiler gurus will ensure quick fixes are found and implemented to restore your boiler and ensure your home is gas-risk free. We treat every request as an emergency and we ensure that the issue is sorted once and for all to avoid reoccurrence.

Tailored Boiler Repairs

We offer specialized repairs for every boiler problem and we have a unique and dependable solution for any situation. Our engineers will first take time to inspect the boiler and identify the exact reason behind the problem to make sure that the problem is fully sorted. We have modern tools that can identify even minor gas leaks without destroying your properties. No matter the type of boiler you have installed in your home, our experts are masters in offering ideal and durable repair solutions that will save you money and keep your boiler functional for longer. Every problem is unique and we ensure that the most suitable repair is done to completely solve the defect. Depending on your budget, our engineers will suggest the best accessories in case a replacement is required and help you make quick and wise decision during the repair process.

On top of user-customized repairs, our experts will also give you free tips on how to maintain your boiler to prevent breakdowns as well as lengthen its lifespan. We also check efficiency of the boiler after repair and give relevant recommendation whenever necessary. Our technicians will never give short-term repairs, if your boiler is spoilt beyond any durable repair, we advise the client to replace the entire boiler to avoid recurrent expenses.

Call us now and we will be at your doorstep with the most suitable and affordable solution.

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