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To have a comfortable and pleasure-filled winter, you need a good central heating installation in your home. Apart for the purchasing and installation cost, central heating comes with another cost – running cost which can really affect your budget. At Eco Efficient Cosham we offer comprehensive energy efficiency audit and provide quick fix that will help you save money from your annual energy bills. Our engineers combine their expertise with experience gained from the field to help our clients in central heating repairs and more effective boiler installation to avoid inefficient energy consumption.

What Leads To Energy Inefficiency?

Energy efficiency refers to how much energy your boiler is able to convert to valuable property heating. For instance most of the modern boiler brands are 80 percent or more energy efficient, which means they can convert 80% of the energy they consume into heat used to heat your rooms or heat water used in the house. Energy inefficiency may be caused by a number of factors including:

  • Central Heating Installation Errors – Mistakes made during installation such as improper fitting of the pipes, heat emitters (radiators) or any other system components may lead to use of more than necessary energy.
  • Incorrect Purchase Choices – Mistakes made when selecting and buying the type of boiler to install in your property can also lead to higher consumption of energy than necessary. Such mistakes may include purchasing a big boiler for a small house or buying an old boiler model with lower energy efficiency.
  • Poor Maintenance and Defects – When the boiler wears out it develops problems such as gas and boiler leaks, thermostats failure, pump issue and other problems that could lead to energy inefficiency.
  • Insulation and Window Size – If most of the heat emitted by the radiators is lost through openings such as windows and big ventilation spaces or due to inadequate insulation, your boiler will become less energy efficiency.

How Can I Lower My Energy Bills?

The only sure way to lower your energy bill is by enhancing you central heating energy efficiency and this can be achieved through a number of ways:

  • Making The Right Choice – Our engineers will guide you in purchasing a modern and high energy efficient boiler of adequate size and affordable price suitable for your specific heating requirements. When choosing your boiler, you should consider different energy tariffs in your locality and settle on the cheaper option.
  • Proper Maintenance And Repairs – Regular boiler servicing will unhide faults causing energy wastage and such can be repaired on spot to avoid high energy bills. Our boiler repairs also cover energy effectiveness improvement such as fitting of radiators with modern smart thermostats which ensure that heat is only produced whenever need.
  • Energy Efficiency Audit – Our engineers will help you do an analysis of how much energy is being used versus your heating requirements and if there is any energy loss in the system, they will identify the cause and rectify it immediately.
  • Replacing Your Old Boiler – If you are having an old and breakdown prone boiler it will not cost you a lot in terms of repair, but you will also face high energy bills. Our engineers will help in replacing faulty or old boiler with a modern more efficient at a reasonable cost.

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